Monday, April 25, 2011

My first pizza from scratch

I was really impressed last Christmas when my brother made pizza - even the dough - and managed to cook it perfectly on the grill.  The difference between homemade and even very good delivery/restaurant pizza was shocking.  Baking has always freaked me out a little but after that experience it was clear that I would have to overcome that particular aversion.  The dough was easy to make and fun to play with!  I used regular flour instead of cake and played with the toppings and sauce a little based on my preferences and availability, the results were still great! 

Recently I've been converted from a thin crust to deep dish fan.  I love how the sauce, meat and vegetables meld together into a savory pie.  The emphasis on herbs is amazing and probably a big part of what sets it apart from mass produced pizzas.  Using turkey pepperoni instead of bacon probably lightened this recipe up considerably but still gave it meatiness and flavor.  I got some veggies in too by adding yellow bell peppers, mushrooms and arugula.  Put your spin on the recipe below!

Deep-Pan Pizza by Jamie Oliver
for the dough
scant 2 ¾ cups lukewarm water
1 x ¼ oz envelope dry yeast
1 Tbs sugar
1 level tsp salt
8 cups white bread flour, extra for dusting
for the tomato sauce
swig white wine vinegar
1 clove garlic, peeled
handful of fresh basil leaves
1 x 14 oz can diced tomatoes
sea salt and black pepper
for the toppings
olive oil
3 red onions
fresh thyme
4 pork sausages
dried red chile
1 tsp fennel seeds
pinch of oregano
¼ cup buffalo mozzarella
handful of fresh basil
2 fresh red chilies
2 large handfuls grated parmesan
12 slices bacon
for the dough pour water into bowl and use fork to stir in yeast and sugar.  Let stand for a few minutes then add salt and flour, bit by bit. Dust surface w/ flour and knead.  Place in flour dusted bowl covered with a damp cloth.  Leave in a warm room until the dough has almost doubled.
Meanwhile put a glug on oil in large frying pan on medium high heat.  Add sliced onions and thyme.  Put all tomato sauce ingredients in a mixer and blend.  Add chili and fennel seed with dried oregano to pork.  
Preheat oven to 400F.  Divide dough, oil pans.  Roll push dough to form crust, about ½ in.
Divide sauce and add toppings, bake 20 minutes.


  1. I have to try this! New to your blog, found it through I Heart Cooking. I usually make pizza on for Sunday night dinner. I think this will be a hit!

  2. Oh my God! Your pizza looks soooo good. I have some of Jamie's dough in the freezer. I will be trying it next week! (It's funny, at first glance, the recipe has a lot of ingredients and that may be a turn off for some but the steps are few and seem really easy!)

  3. Ok, there is another one I need to try. I am crazy for pizza - love it! That was a good choice :-)

  4. My son loves to make pizza. I've never tried a deep dish one (homemade, that is). We'll have to do that--looks good!

  5. Yum! Although normally I am a thin crust girl, I would make an exception for this deep dish pizza. ;-) It looks wonderful!

  6. Yummy! We are huge fans of homemade pizza - I love yours!

  7. Ciao ! I love your pizza ! It's unusual and delicious !

  8. I made it this week but my crust didn't leven as much :-( It was still very good though

  9. I am such a deep dish fan though I've never made it from scratch! This looks fantastic!